A better, more proactive approach to discovery

Our proactive approach gets you out of costly, reactive cycles and allows you to be more strategic in your discovery efforts.

“Precision's ability and willingness to help develop customized solutions that provide the highest level of detail about our data sets Precision apart from every other company in the industry.”

Litigation Manager for Top 25 Privately Held Company.

“My firm handles some of the most complex litigation matters for the world's largest companies. When it came to hiring an expert for Technology Assisted Review, we could not be happier with our selection of Precision.”

Counsel at Major Law Firm.

“We have come to rely on Precision as our go to firm for all of our eDiscovery needs. They have earned our loyalty by consistently providing excellent work on all of our projects.”

Litigation Manager for a Fortune 500 Company

End-to-End Discovery Services and Solutions

Precision Discovery combines the very best people and technology for an end-to-end discovery solution. We combine a consultative approach and proprietary technology to deliver an exceptional client experience, reduced costs, and defensible results.


  Forensic Investigations


  Data Collection


  Data Processing

  Early Case Assessment (ECA)

  Best-in-Service Hosted Relativity

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  Technology Assisted Review

  Managed Review and Analysis


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Our people make the difference.

Our highly skilled and experienced team includes litigators, investigators, computer forensic examiners, IT operations and security specialists, software engineers, data analytics professionals and project management professionals. You will not find a more qualified team. Within each phase of the e-discovery process, we have experts with deep knowledge who can bridge the gaps between phases. Our Forensics Examiners are unique; they not only hold certifications for ACE, EnCe, GCFE, GCFA, CCLO and CCPA, they have been admitted as Special Masters and experts in state courts, federal courts and grand juries. Our e-discovery consultants have also been before judges to discuss Technology Assisted Review.
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Our approach is novel.

Our proactive approach gets you out of costly, reactive cycles and allows you to be more strategic in your discovery efforts.

Our mission is to help you see discovery not as a costly challenge but as an opportunity to gain an advantage. It’s an approach that sets you up for success not only for the matter at hand, but for all matters to come.

We start by assessing your entire discovery environment, including information systems and policies, with your current litigation requirements as the foundation and yardstick for every evaluation.

We then develop strategies for data retention, collection, preservation, processing and review — based not on your current processes or available technologies, but solely on your strategic objectives and desired results.

Only then do we respond with exactly the right set of tools and technologies and organizational structures to deliver on that promise. Finally, we create a playbook that allows you to leverage your investment and continually and sustainably deliver better quality and defensible results.

Our technology is unparalleled.

Our proprietary and cutting-edge e-discovery tools and technologies are specifically designed to deliver better quality results in less time at a lower cost by: Facilitating data collection and preservation across a wider range of systems and applications Reducing costly and time-consuming manual processes Eliminating redundant processing and analysis When existing tools or technologies don’t quite fit the bill, we don’t waste time or jeopardize quality by trying to force a fit; instead, our in-house software development team can craft exactly the right solution quickly.
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