End-to-End Discovery Solutions


Collect, Preserve, & Investigate

Our experienced forensic examiners help you preserve, collect and understand your electronically stored information.


Processing and Hosting

Precision provides clients with best-of-breed technologies, stable and secure platforms,
and customized workflows to help clients access and review their most critical data.


Review and Analysis

Gain an early and deep understanding of your data with our AI - driven review strategies and processes.


Reestablishing Evidence as the Foundation of Discovery


Our Mission

Our mission is to reestablish evidence as the foundation of discovery. This is our mission because the original intent of discovery is to obtain evidence from parties in order to argue the merits of a case.  However, somewhere along the way, discovery became more about the process rather than the evidence.  Our goal is to help restore discovery to its original intent.  We do this through better technology, better process and highly-skilled staff.

To borrow a phrase from a client, “it’s not the best argument that wins a case, it’s the best documents that win a case.”  We help our clients find the best documents while fulfilling their discovery obligations.



Data changes. Technology changes. Our commitment to clients is constant.



The Most Client Focused eDiscovery Company in the Industry.

Our clients face dynamic and evolving Legal, Data and Process challenges. To address the growing complexities of discovery, Precision helps clients understand a project’s unique challenges and identify the solutions required. Proactively helping clients avoid discovery pitfalls and focus on the merits of their case is our goal on every project.


Invested in Our Clients’ Success

As a 100% employee owned company, each Precision employee is committed to and invested in our clients’ success.  All full-time employees participate in our Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP). And because our employees are owners, we are deeply committed to a level of excellence beyond client satisfaction. We are dedicated to our customers’ success and we know that long and broad relationships only result from success built on consistency, proactivity and trust.

By empowering our employees with ownership, our company is uniquely positioned to provide an unmatched customer experience. In the discovery market, we have an unmatched employee retention rate – giving our clients the benefits of relationship continuity and knowledge stability.


A Proactive Approach


A Proactive Approach to Discovery

Our proactive approach gets you out of costly, reactive cycles and allows you to be more strategic in your discovery efforts.  With a different approach, we help clients see that discovery is not a costly challenge but as an opportunity to gain an advantage. It’s an approach that sets you up for success not only for the matter at hand, but for all matters to come.

We start by assessing your entire discovery environment, including information systems and policies, with your current litigation requirements as the foundation and yardstick for every evaluation.

We then develop strategies for data retention, collection, preservation, processing and review — based not on your current processes or available technologies, but solely on your strategic objectives and desired results.

Only then do we respond with exactly the right set of tools and technologies and organizational structures to deliver on that promise. Finally, we create a playbook that allows you to leverage your investment and continually and sustainably deliver better quality and defensible results.