In addition to our suite of “hands-on” expert services, we can serve as trusted advisors for any e-discovery challenges you may face. With over 20 years of professional experience, our consultants are discovery attorneys and technology specialists with a long and successful track record of superior performance in the most demanding and complex litigations. We have the experience and knowledge to advise you on best practices and winning strategies.


Meet-and-Confer and Discovery Conference Support, ESI Protocol Advice

Discovery conferences and meet-and-confers are critical in establishing the scope of discovery, including the sources and types of data subject to discovery, the technologies and work flows that can be used to review potentially relevant data, and ultimately the form in which data is produced to the requesting party. With our assistance, your litigation team can negotiate an ESI protocol that helps you achieve your desired outcome. Our consultants provide knowledge in the two areas that are critical during discovery conferences: litigation – and more specifically, knowledge of discovery in the context of litigation – and e-discovery technology. Where proportionality and reasonableness are the concepts that rule the discussion, we can help you negotiate a reasonable result.


Identification, Collection, Early Data Assessment and Processing Standards Consulting

We can provide guidelines for conducting successful digital investigations. We can guide you through the challenging phases of data identification, collection and early case assessment (ECA) to help you understand the lay of the land, including the types of potentially relevant data, where the data is located and in what formats it exists. We can then help craft a plan for collection, processing and review.


Technology Assisted Review (TAR) Consulting

Our experts can assist your team by crafting a defensible TAR strategy for your production and also help you to analyze and understand the opposing side’s protocol to ensure a level playing field. Our team of experts can help defend the TAR methodologies before opposing parties, federal courts and government authorities. Our experts have appeared before preeminent judicial authorities and have worked with clients to create and defend the implementation of TAR in high profile cases.


Analysis of Opposing Party Production

In any litigation, analysis of the opposing party’s production is of paramount importance. Through the use of advanced analytics and proprietary technologies, we can help you find the hot documents in a production and advise as to what data and metadata might be missing. We often provide the technological advantage that helps our clients achieve their objectives.


Discovery Special Master

Our experts have been appointed discovery special masters. As a special master, we have provided judges with technical advice on electronic document collection, processing and review