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Precision Managed Review marries our extensive experience in document review with deep expertise in information management, search and analytics technologies and statistics-based quality control to create a smart, repeatable, efficient and defensible document review solution.

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Are you frustrated with your managed document review, but don't know what to do?

There are a lot of moving pieces in any managed document review, from how teams are staffed to what technologies are used. Understanding how a prospective firm views and addresses the challenges of Managed Document Review is essential to selecting the right one: one that will save money, meet deadlines and – most importantly – deliver defensible results and help get you the information you need to suceed.

Sign up now and learn the key questions you need to be asking of any prospective Managed Review provider, and how to evaluate the answers to find the firm that will provide the leadership, flexibility and efficiency you need, even when faced with challenging circumstances that arise during your case.

5 critically important questions to ask when selecting a
Managed Review provider

Document review accounts for 70% of litigation spend. But that also means it's the area where you can save the most money by doing it right. Doing it right starts with selecting the right Managed Discovery provider.

Sign up now and get a free copy of our Managed Review Firm Selection Guide, which details 5 key questions that you should ask when hiring a review company. By evaluating and comparing the answers you'll receive, you should be able to select a provider that's best suited to your specific legal matter.

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