5 Reasons Why You Need Our Litigation Support Services


In any legal matter or investigation, attorneys must gather a plethora of information during the process of discovery. Gathering and sorting through all of this information can take up a significant amount of your case preparation time. While you work on taking depositions, handling interrogatories and filling out a myriad of requests for various documents, the team at Precision Discovery can be tackling the electronic discovery portion of this process.

Because a great deal of potentially relevant information is transmitted and stored electronically, there are several reasons to consider outsourcing the e-discovery process to a company that specializes in e-discovery litigation support.

1. We are experts at data collections and investigations

While you may have a great deal of experience with traditional methods of gathering data for discovery, the electronic world is a whole different beast.

The volume of data and the diversity of systems in which they reside are often at the heart of the challenge. Today, it’s not unusual for relevant information to be scattered across terabytes of data, on laptop computers, mobile devices, servers, in the cloud, and even more unusual places such as automobile navigation systems. Locating, preserving, collecting, processing, reviewing and producing this information is an enormous and complex task that requires people with highly specialized skills, sophisticated tools and often custom software.

Our team of litigation support specialists includes highly skilled computer forensic examiners who can help you locate, preserve and collect all of the electronically stored information (ESI) that you might need, no matter the volume of data or the diversity of systems in which they’re stored.

2. Litigation support services help ensure data security and availability

Once our litigation support experts have located all of the relevant data, our goal will be to preserve this information and prevent it from being altered in any way. While it’s helpful to have someone else collect, organize and evaluate all of your ESI, it’s absolutely crucial that all of this information is kept 100% secure.

As a litigation support firm, we offer hosted review of all of your e-discovery materials. Our hosting systems are designed from the ground-up with security and reliability in mind, with protections that are typically far more robust than most law firms have in-house. Most law firms also don’t have a dedicated team on staff to maintain and upgrade these systems, as this would be quite costly. Turing to a litigation support firm that offers hosted review is an affordable, practical and secure solution.

We offer a “Best in Service – Orange” e-discovery experience using kCura’s Relativity platform, the most widely-used e-discovery software. Not all Relativity providers are equal. Our clients have an exceptional user experience that is directly tied to our superior infrastructure and customer service. Whether you are dealing with very large matters or massive files, our Relativity experience is better, more responsive, and more robust with a 99.999% uptime. Our Relativity certified consultants can provide power-user Relativity support directly to you when you need it, avoiding costly delays.

3. More efficient processing and review provide better insights sooner

Our litigation support specialists also include expert litigators, investigators and data analytics professionals that can help you with review and analysis of even the largest and most complex data sets. These experts can help bring order to the chaos of your raw and undifferentiated data by helping you penetrate the dense veil of technologies and data formats to identify and extract information and metadata, with customizable levels of de-duplication.

The ultimate success of any e-discovery effort can depend on whether the data has been processed properly. Any problems that occur during processing can amplify issues that occur downstream in the e-discovery lifecycle. Clients run the risk of a missed court deadline, or even a judicially ordered adverse inference or a sanction, if data is erroneously omitted and later identified.

We offer a more agile, secure and reliable solution for efficient data processing. Our proprietary PreView technology, for example, combined with our award-winning Relativity solution, enables you to visualize and search data, identify trends, and get an early understanding of your case to better assess exposure and risk. By making the raw data more useful, searchable and analyzable earlier in the lifecycle, we can help you get a leg up and avoid penalties.

4. Using our litigation support services can save time and money

As an attorney, undoubtedly you’re well aware of the old adage that “time is money,” and this is certainly true if you have a fast-approaching deadline. Discovery, in general, is highly time-consuming and using a litigation support service greatly lessens the burden of all you need to accomplish before a trial or mediation begins.

Often, there is so much ESI to sort through that your legal team simply might not have the time to gather and analyze all of the data in addition to all of the other elements of discovery. There are also times when the data are so complex that off-the-shelf technology assisted review (TAR) solutions simply can’t reduce the amount of data to a level where you can complete the final manual review in a reasonable amount of time.

Rather than “peopling up” to tackle such complex reviews, we take a more proactive approach. Our software development experts can assemble the right set of tools and even create custom software solutions to get the job done. With this approach, we’ve helped clients save millions of dollars and meet even seemingly impossible deadlines.

5. Our litigation support is fully defensible

When it comes to discovery, process matters. At Precision Discovery, our team of litigation support experts includes litigators, IT experts and computer forensic specialists who combine legal and technical acumen to help ensure that your collections are defensible and auditable. These experts not only assist in the collection, review and analysis of your e-discovery materials, they are also qualified to testify in state court, federal court and before a grand jury. Additionally, our experts have been appointed as discovery special masters and have provided judges with technical advice regarding electronic document collection and review.

We provide e-discovery services for all types of cases and have locations throughout the United States for your convenience. Contact us, and we’ll show you how we can help you tackle the complex challenge of e-discovery, and produce better quality results while saving time and money.

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Kinny Chan, VP, Consulting Services

Kinny Chan is the lead eDiscovery Consultant for Precision Discovery. He enjoys taking complex challenges and explaining them in simple and understandable terms. He is inspired by the intersection between technology, business and the law.

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