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Managed Review can be costly – know what to look for

By whatever name you know it – managed review, attorney review, discovery review or managed document review – it’s often a critically important part of the discovery process. It also can be the most expensive part, comprising as much as 70% of your litigation spend. So it’s imperative to select a managed review team who will deliver quality results, meet your deadlines and save you money.

That begs the question: how do you know if the managed review firm you’re hiring is any good? And if you’re doing your own managed review using internal resources, how do you know if they’re doing as good and efficient a job as an external firm who specializes in it?

The scope and nature of the documents being reviewed and the legal issues involved can vary, and because many providers experience turnover or use outsourced resources, even a recommendation from a trusted source doesn’t always guarantee you’ll have the same experience they did.

Comparing the results of managed review providers

The best test would be to compare the results and the experience you have from multiple providers by hiring them all on the exact same case, but of course such a test would be prohibitively expensive. So you’re often left to wonder if the firm you’ve selected is actually delivering the results you need in the most efficient and cost effective manner. But because of the stakes—and the costs—that are involved, “wondering” isn’t good enough.

So the best option is to interview the review firms you’re considering, asking tough questions, probing for details and evaluating their responses to get a good sense for how they approach managed review, and perhaps even more importantly, how they’ll approach your specific project.

But what questions should you ask? What responses should you look for? Well, we can help with that!

Questions you should ask when looking for a managed review provider

Led by Jaclyn Schoen, Precision’s Managing Director of Managed Document Review, our team has put together a Managed Review Firm Selection Guide that can help take you through the process. It details 5 key questions to ask the managed review firms you are considering. By evaluating and comparing their answers, you will be able to select a firm that is best suited to your specific legal matter.

The Guide offers detailed explanations of why each question is important, as well as how to evaluate the responses you may get – key things you’ll want to hear to give you a sense of confidence that the firm knows what they’re doing and can deliver the results you need, when you need them, and in the most cost efficient way.

The Guide is free and you can get it here right now.

After you read it, we’d love to hear what you think. And if you’d like to learn more about our Managed Review process, check out one of our earlier blog posts on the subject and our web page that describes our approach in detail.

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Jacy Schoen, Managing Director, Managed Review Services

Jacy Schoen is the Managing Director for the Managed Review Consulting group at Precision Discovery. She enjoys creative problem solving and challenging the attorneys who work for her teams. Jacy is inspired by the ever evolving eDiscovery industry and how to combine tried-and-true best practices with the latest accepted technology and workflow practices. She enjoys challenging her teams to raise their game and spends her downtime tending to the Instagram feed of her adorable Schnorkie puppies.

Visit Jacy on LinkedIn.

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