Social Media and Antitrust Primer


Social media is here to stay, and it can be the most revealing evidence in a case. Attorneys should be prepared to answer questions about their clients’ preservation, collection, and production of material from social media platforms and closely monitor this evolving area of discovery practice. The following article originally published on the American Bar Association’s Antitrust Magazine, provides a discovery primer for social media data.

Originally published on the American Bar Association’s Antitrust Magazine - Summer 2018. Antitrust, Vol. 32, No.3, Summer 2018. © 2018 by the American Bar Association.


Aaron Patton, Managing Director

Aaron Patton is a managing director at Precision Discovery who is always on the hunt for common sense solutions to persistent discovery problems. As a Wisconsin Law graduate (2001), Aaron is fascinated by “Law in Action”, especially the intersection of discovery rules and discovery reality. Aaron is based in the Washington, DC area.