Are you exposed?

Your company is losing valuable intellectual property when employees leave because 60% of departing employees admit to taking company data when they separate from an employer.

The vast majority of this type of theft occurs 30 days before an employee’s resignation, and more than half of that 60% admit they take information to land that new job.

Know before they go

Precision Discovery Employee Risk Assessment (ERA) is a forensic analysis of departing employees’ computer activity, including web searches and a list of documents recently accessed, deleted and copied to removable or cloud storage.

We can also preserve an image of the computer for further investigation or legal hold.

File Access History

We analyze which documents the departing employee accessed and when they accessed them.

We also identify which documents were deleted.

Cloud & USB Access

We identify recently connected USB devices and whether an individual uploaded data to cloud-based services such as iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Search History

We identify Google searches performed by the employee.

This search history often provides indications of a larger data theft issue.