Data Collection & Preservation

Our experienced forensic examiners help clients preserve, collect, and understand electronically stored information. Precision’s experts have testified and defended our clients and their collection process.
Whether data is stored on servers, local devices, mobile devices or cloud-based systems, we implement a defensible process to capture data.

Collection options include web-based collections of email from enterprise systems, targeted and full collections of PCs, cloud storage, website, social media, and even vehicles.

Forensic Investigations

Our team of expert examiners specializes in corporate internal investigations, white- collar criminal matters, intellectual property theft, employment matters, harassment cases, and other sensitive and confidential projects. Precision’s experts can help uncover evidence of malfeasance, data spoliation, IP theft and the proverbial “smoking guns.”

Vehicle Forensics

Most vehicles manufactured after 2008 store information critical to corporate investigations. Precision’s team of digital forensic examiners can preserve and examine this data. From GPS location, communications from connected mobile devices, to every vehicle start and stop location, Precision can capture and examine this information.

Data recovered from an automobile’s computer system can contain valuable information in accident reconstruction, employee misconduct and intellectual property theft matters. Modern automobiles have vehicle infotainment and telematics systems that can store tremendous amounts of data while connected to a smart device. This can include a record of phone calls and text messages sent and received. The vehicle not only stores this information, but can also store vast amounts of other user-recorded data, such as recent destinations, favorite locations, call logs, contact lists, SMS messages and the full navigation history of where the car has been.