With ever increasing data volumes, keeping the costs of discovery proportional to the value of a case is increasingly difficult. We can help balance the scales through our proven technology that helps reduce and cull data. By combining our consulting expertise, our proven methodologies and the most effective technology solutions, we can help streamline the review and production processes in a way that is not only efficient, but also accurate and defensible.

Technology Asssited Review (TAR)

Technology Assisted Review employs statistical and textual analytics to categorize vast volumes of data. The result is a set of documents categorized for relevance. Many firms and eDiscovery providers offer TAR solutions; however, the implementation and advocacy of these technologies is where the real value lies. Our team of experts help our clients defend their TAR methodologies before opposing parties, federal courts and government authorities. Our experts have appeared before preeminent judicial authorities and have worked with clients to create and defend the implementation of TAR in high profile cases.

Managed Review

Despite all the advances in e-discovery technology, there are times when nothing beats good old-fashioned human expertise backed by years of experience. Precision Managed Review marries our extensive experience in document review with deep expertise in information management, search and analytics technologies and statistics-based quality control to create a smart, repeatable, efficient and defensible document review solution.

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We offer high-volume production capacity. This technology is paired with our team of consultants who understand the level of complexity and interconnectedness of every document production. Our quality control process accounts for nuances that occur throughout a case or investigation, helping our clients reduce the risk of inadvertent production of privileged and confidential information. Our proprietary technologies can propagate custom or full-page redactions to decrease the cost of redaction review, and automate quality control measures for stringent production specifications called for by courts and government entities.