Our proprietary and cutting-edge e-discovery tools and technologies are specifically designed to deliver better quality results in less time at a lower cost by: Facilitating data collection and preservation across a wider range of systems and applications Reducing costly and time-consuming manual processes Eliminating redundant processing and analysis When existing tools or technologies don’t quite fit the bill, we don’t waste time or jeopardize quality by trying to force a fit; instead, our in-house software development team can craft exactly the right solution quickly.

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Best-in-Service Hosted Relativity

We offer a “Best in Service – Orange” e-discovery experience using kCura’s Relativity platform, the most widely-used e-discovery software. Not all Relativity providers are equal. Our clients have an exceptional user experience that is directly tied to our superior infrastructure and customer service. Whether you are dealing with very large matters or massive files, our Relativity experience is better, more responsive, and more robust with a 99.999% uptime. Our Relativity certified consultants can provide power-user Relativity support directly to you when you need it, avoiding costly delays.

For access to Precision Discovery’s instance of Relativity, download the Citrix Client.


iPro Processing Platinum Partner


Precision provides eDiscovery data processing through iPro processing software. Precision has attained iPro Platinum Partner status. This means that Precision meets and maintains rigourous infrastructure and training certifications.


NexLP Story Engine

Precision provides data analytics through NexLP.  There are many eDiscovery analytics technologies available but not all are the same.  With Precision and NexLP, our clients gain the benefit of a true AI platform that is able to analyze not only the text of a document but many different features within the data.  


Proprietary Tools

Our philosophy is to take best-of-breed tools for each phase of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) and bridge them with proprietary software. Our proprietary pre-processing, data loading, tracking and project management tools have been forged in some of the most complex and challenging real-world data collections and investigations. They’re designed to simplify the process of collecting and preserving data, and processing it into useful, searchable and analyzable information.

Our proprietary tools include:

  • DataTracker is a tracking and project management tool that provides unparalleled transparency into every data collection. Every piece of data is inventoried and tracked through the processing, review, and production phases of the EDRM. When you are facing litigation or the most demanding government investigation, DataTracker takes you inside your data and helps you validate your e-discovery process.
  • Precision DataLoader is a proprietary tool that standardizes and automates transfer of data from iPro into Relativity. With Precision DataLoader, data processing throughput is accelerated, and decreases overall time of processing so you can review documents faster.
  • Precision PreProcessing is an automated proprietary tool that inventories and categorizes files prior to processing. With automated categorization, files are treated with consistency, providing a standardized, repeatable and defensible process. Information from Precision PreProcessing is published to DataTracker, providing you with insight into your data early in the EDRM life cycle.
  • Precision Redaction Accelerator™ replaces traditional inefficient redaction tools that require manual clicking and dragging, and manual review of the redacted images for uniformity. Precision Redaction Accelerator is an easy-to-use application that propagates full-page and targeted image redactions, adding those redacted images to our automated production workflow. It increases redaction consistency, accelerates redaction review times, and reduces the risk of inadvertent privilege productions.
  • Precision Reveal™ casts a spotlight on data hidden in native files and enables attorneys to quickly review and consider hidden data before production. It increases the efficiency of your review, and makes it easier to avoid the inadvertent production of unreviewed hidden data, review and digest all data in a native file, and pinpoint the location of hidden data such as hidden Excel cells or columns.

Our leading-edge analytics and predictive coding capabilities, combined with our proven workflows, enable you to conduct precise, surgical examinations of large volumes of data to dramatically reduce the time it takes to review for privilege and relevance.

We offer people and technology that you can trust and count on time and time again. That is Precision Discovery. We’re committed to close partnerships with our clients and innovating to meet the challenges they face.


Custom Software Development

When existing tools or technologies don’t quite fit the bill, we don’t waste time or jeopardize quality by trying to force a fit; instead, our in-house software development team can craft exactly the right solution quickly. With the growing sources of data from mobile, cloud and structured data built to each corporation’s unique needs, our technology team can customize a solution that takes this expanding problem and puts it into an e-discovery solution that counsel and courts understand.

The net result is that you’ll uncover facts earlier, shape strategy sooner, reduce risk for the spoliation or destruction of data, target fewer documents sooner, reduce the risk of inadvertent production and lower costs.


Data Security

We understand that your organization’s data is highly sensitive and immeasurably valuable. We hold ourselves to the same or higher security standards as our clients.  Our solutions are built on enterprise-grade hardware and software in an SSAE16 Type II security rated datacenter. Security, availability and data protections are built-in at all levels, including logical and physical access, environmental and personnel considerations.