Are your company's most valuable assets at risk from the very people that created them?

Know how valuable data can leave your company via a trusted insiders.

Intellectual Property (IP) is what differentiates your company from the competition. Your company has invested significant time, energy and money to develop unique ideas and methodologies to win in the marketplace.

But just one employee – the “insider threat” – could ruin it all. If your company’s IP walks out the door to a competitor, it could lead to financial ruin.

This e-Book offers unique insights on internal IP theft from the perspective of the digital forensic examiner. Often tasked with analyzing digital evidence (computers, mobile phones, network traffic) to find and prove IP theft and/or malicious intent, the digital forensic examiner strives to answer the questions that surround every incident: who, what, when, why and how.


Reduce your risk with greater insight

Precision Discovery digital forensics provides Early Risk Assessment through an analysis of departing employees’ computer activity, including web searches; catalogues of documents recently accessed, deleted and/or copied to removable or cloud storage. ERA can also include the preservation and storage of a device’s image for further investigation at a later date and for legal hold

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